Shipping Calculator

Follow these steps for a straightforward shipping process:

Shipping Locations:

  • Enter your shipping details in the “Shipping From” section.
  • Enter the destination in the “Shipping To” section, using the corresponding zipcodes for Shoe Doctor Shipping locations in the blue header.
  • Click “Next” to proceed.


If you have your own box:

1. Select “Custom Packaging”.

2. Enter Weight, Dimensions, and Values.


If you’re using a USPS or carrier flat-rate box:

1. Select “Carrier Predefined Packaging”.

2. Choose the appropriate predefined package based on the number of shoes being shipped.

3. Enter Weight, Quantity of Boxes, Package Value.

4. Click “Next” to generate the shipping label.

Note: When shipping kicks, also pay for a return shipment and include return shipping label in package for fast return delivery!

Shipping Calculator

Detroit=48221, East Detroit=48066, Chicago =60607, Atlanta=30324, Kansas City=64111

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